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Interview with Mudamer of Thamud

Originally posted on Blood or Love by Sarah E. 

Mudamer of Thamud and Al-Namrood has agreed for me to publish this interview so here it is.  It started with a discussion of how he got into metal.  He comes from a family of musicians and he was introduced via family to Deep Purple and Metallica at a young age.  He began to delve into metal on his own and felt an affinity for black metal.  Thamud’s music is produced with his vocals, his LTD MH – 50 guitar and a program called Reason for the other instruments.


So as we were talking about art and all that, what inspires your music?

Well, I have honestly disconnected from black metal for a good 2 – 3 years I think, I get my influences from soundtracks/ movie scores and mix them with black metal..

I am just glad I never released anything back in 2007, other wise i would have regretted it, sick of this typical UN evolving kvlt bm rubbish.

Hmmm, interesting influences. So if you make more music what would it be like? Still black metal?

Yes, the roots of black metal will still be in the music and that will be one if it’s elements..

Sounds awesome.  So, what do you feel is the core of black metal and what band(s) influenced this idea?

I guess the main influences would be Venom and Celtic Frost, and it eventually evolved into something much more darker, faster and perhaps angrier “lyrically”.

I feel that the music itself also become more aggressive, but I see what you mean.  People often tie Satanism, the occult and general distaste for religion in black metal, does that sort of element also influence your music?

No it does not, Satanism to me is a mockery; it is something I really laugh at.  Anton Lavey really contradicted himself countless times.  It has become somewhat a kind of fashion out there nowadays that is only in the metal scene.

Yes, then there are the bands that do not associate with Satanism but are decidedly anti-religion.  I suppose, to get to the root of it, does religion play a role at all, whether for it it or against, in your music?

Yes, it is against it, but that plays a very minor role in my music.  I tend not to bother writing about such things any more because I really feel it’s just too overdone; almost every band out there is anti-religion. To some people, this [not focusing on religion] defeats the purpose of being a black metal musician, but I personally prefer to chose other topics that would interest me more.

Ah, I see..so in the end your idea of black metal comes down to an extremely aggressive style, would I take that to mean that you do not like the recent wave of folk black metal?

I have not been listening to a lot of black metal nowadays to be honest so I wouldn’t really know.

Ah, well it’s just very melodic with indigenous instruments being used in the music.  I’ll link you something. Video.

Not my style at all to be honest..

Figured haha, I find it interesting but I do not consider it black metal.  Moving on, you said earlier that movies and soundtracks influence you musically.  What type of movies and soundtracks tend to attract your attention?

Various movies and soundtracks from different composers such as, Hanz zimmer, John Barry, Marz Lasar, Ennio Morricone, Clint Mansell, Randy Edelman and a lot more.

And what genre of movies do you usually watch personally? What is your favorite movie in every aspect?

Nothing specific to be honest but i would say mostly action and comedy movies.

Nice blend, they work good together.  To tie everything in, you mentioned wanting to focus on other topics in your music, what is the main focus?

Psychology and the exact characteristics of these barbaric human beings, philosophy, and of course my own personal feelings..

By “these barbaric human beings” I am guessing that you mean humanity in general?

Of course.

And would it be safe to assume that those topics will carry over to music that you plan on working on in the future?

Let us see what time will hold for me.  I feel black metal itself is something I’ll be doing for some time only, whereas my dream was always to be a movie composer.

Very nice dream, I hope you gain enough experience to reach it.  Lastly, how does the culture of the Gulf influence your music, I mean in sound, if at all, and in creation? What I mean to say is, is any of your music distinctly influenced by Arab sensibilities or Arab history like Al-Namrood?

Yes indeed, my culture has played a very big role in my music, it is a culture filled with so much that I myself can not even explain properly.  It is a very pious culture and it holds a great history behind it, unfortunately now I feel all the greatness of the culture has been killed off by ignorant fools of our time.  I am a proud Arab and I always will be.  I feel that the expression of pride for the majority of fellow Arabs has unfortunately become more a deadly thing, leaving one’s true pride as rubbish amongst them.

The wait was well worth that great answer.

Thank you.