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Mideast Tunes

Develop a business plan for Mideast Tunes and become a co-founder!

We’ve been running the Mideast Tunes service for over a year, free of charge. Our platform is completely bootstrapped. We worked hard and put in our own savings to support hosting costs. When times were tough, bands in Bahrain chipped in and supported our growth. We owe it to them to sustain this platform and to keep it free, independent, and influential.

Mideast Tunes has two primary commitments: bands and loyal listeners. We want to ensure that we satisfy both. We created this unique platform that has thus far gathered over 730 bands from every corner in the region, representing various genres, from folk to hip hop to trance. At this rate, we are adding approximately 2 bands a day.

Our iPhone application has been downloaded thousands of times since its relaunch earlier this year. We are planning an Android application, to be launched in the next few months, provided we generate enough income or support to sustain its growth.

Now here’s the deal. For the most part, Mideast Tunes has relied on volunteers, and on the bands themselves, to grow to become what it is today. We want to go beyond this point to something far bigger. We believe we have the potential. We also want to be entirely self-sufficient. We don’t want to ask the bands for donations just to be noticed internationally. We don’t want to ask our listeners for donations just to be inspired by these musicians. We believe the platform for these primary uses should remain free.

Our background is in technology and platform development. It’s not in marketing, and it’s not in business development. We are at a point now where Mideast Tunes requires a business manager to measure the prospects of monetizing the tool. This is where we turn to our loyal listeners in the hopes of finding one amongst you!

We have only one main limitation:

We don’t want to charge our listeners for music that is already available at no cost by the bands who are generous enough to provide them. These bands featured here are not interested in money, they’re interested in using music as a medium to question the status quo. And since the bands themselves are struggling for funds to sustain their own music, we don’t want to charge them either.

So how do we make money to sustain this platform? There are several ways we could do this. Desktop applications, selling extra capabilities in terms of features on the site, who knows what else? This is where YOU come in.

Help us solve this mystery and earn a position as a co-founder and significant shareholder of Mideast Tunes.

To apply with your idea, drop us a line at info@mideastunes.com. It doesn’t have to be a traditional business plan. Feel free to be creative!

Mideast Tunes is an independent initiative based in Bahrain. It has been featured on CNN, NPR, BBC Radio, Abu Dhabi TV, and most recently secured a unique partnership with Radio Netherlands Worldwide.