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Mideast Tunes

Mideast Tunes Partners With Shazam

Mideast Tunes is proud to announce a partnership with Shazam, the world’s leading media engagement company with over 275+ million mobile users worldwide. With this partnership, artists on Mideast Tunes will have the unique opportunity to add their music to Shazam through our platform.

There are numerous benefits for artists to submit their tracks to Shazam, such as being discovered by the service’s large and growing userbase that would contribute to the expansion of the artists’ fanbase. Users are able to view artist videos on YouTube as well as share their discoveries with friends via social networks and email. Shazam is a global and respected player in the field of music discovery, available on all major app stores and platforms. We believe this partnership will be hugely beneficial to the artists of Mideast Tunes, as Shazam adds 2 million new users on a weekly basis and with over 800,000 music transactions made by Shazam users every day.

If you’re a band featured on Mideast Tunes, please get in touch with us to explore how you can make the most of this partnership: info@mideastunes.com.